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        Zhenjiang Quanmei Mechanical Products Co., Ltd , established  in 2008,which is located in the famous garden city Yangzhong. Yanzhong is in a good location that on the North are Yangzhou and Taichou, on the South are Zhenjiang and Changzhou. It only takes to hours by car to Shanghai or Nanjing, fast and convenient. Our main products are sheet metal, machining parts and related moulds with about 50 employees. The factory  covers an area of 6000 square meters, which include 4500 square meters workshop and office room.Our main production equipments: Punch machines from 8T-318T, plate shears, bending machine, argon arc welding machine, wire cutting, 4 Japanese vertical CNC machining center, 2 horizontal CNC machining center, 2 Chinese vertical CNC machining center, CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, manual milling and lathe machine, surface grinder, drill machine, threading machine.The material of sheet metal we can produce include cold rolled sheet, galvanized plate, aluminium plate…
        Jiangsu ICP prepared No.12345678  Support:YC Network
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